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Alpha Global Research is a group of energetic, young, qualified, and well-equipped specialists who have mastered the financial market and revolutionized trading patterns with their cutting-edge methods.
Our hardworking research team conducts in-depth technical analysis of the domestic financial market while considering the potential effects of both domestic and global factors.

We deliver diverse services.

We are better renowned for our creative financial solutions created with the needs of our domestic clientele in mind. All sectors of financial tools, including forex and cryptocurrencies, are a major emphasis of ours.


We are one of the top domestic providers of FX services. Our knowledge provides advice for currencies traded in USD.


This service is intended for commodity market traders. To build alpha in our client's portfolios, we deliver very accurate signals in gold, silver, and crude oil, as well as keep a watch on all inventory and crucial US data.

Global Indices

This service is for traders who prefer to trade on the top indices in the world, such as the Dow, S&P 500, NASDAQ, DAX, FTSE 100, and FTSE 250. These derivative products carry a high risk-to-reward ratio.


We provide expert recommendations on the KLSE market. Discover and unwrap market trends. Our team offers authentic indications.


Since this is an expanding market, the risk-reward ratio in this service is 1:1.5. A professional research team offers exceptionally accurate signals for traders in all major cryptocurrencies.


Analyze your market thoroughly with precise insights that arrive in minutes rather than months. We recognize that to maximize your market profits, you need expert advice, which is why we are here with cutting-edge trading tactics.

  • Dedicated research staff monitoring markets for you.
  • Professional sales specialists to assist you in the real-time market.
  • Customization of the product based on your preferred market niche.
  • Technical and fundamental research analysis with a track record of success.
  • Analyse growth figures.
  • Live assistance

How Simple It Is To Begin

Simply comply with these easy steps

  • Risk Profile Examination
  • (Determining your investment inclination)

  • Segmentation and funding allotment
  • (Example: Stock, Crypto, forex.)

  • Expert recommendations for trade
  • (Trade with discipline.)

  • Get immediate assistance from advisors.
  • (Enter and exit buttons)

  • Yeah, it is that easy!

What do we do & Who we are?

We are a research-only firm that provides a wide range of financial options to day traders, investors, and other people in need of financial support so they can concentrate on their main talents or businesses.

  • Help and support for financial management and consulting Investing
  • Complete Portfolio Assistance Individualised service
  • Proper Customer Profiling and Risk Assessment
  • Quick real-time support
  • Global and domestic markets

The best interests of our clients, team members, and neighborhood are reflected in our vision, purpose, and values. They encourage us to advance. They guide our business decisions, establish our culture, and determine our level of achievement. We make an effort to live our values every single day through our decisions, words, and deeds.

We are dedicated to listening, considering employee feedback, and encouraging one another to flourish. It’s equally crucial to our business that we reach our financial goals and meet our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. We want to make a difference in the communities that surround us and give more prominence to voices that have always existed but aren’t always heard.

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